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Empathy is a powerful tool that builds strong, connected communities. In a world that can feel divided, we are coming together to run the 7 day Empathy Week festival (proclaimed by the City of Calgary), and continue events throughout the year. By participating in Empathy Week, you will be supporting efforts to reduce silos of misunderstanding and barriers between people, to create communities where everyone belongs.


We have different levels of sponsorship available that allow our events to run, and link your company with an impactful event that brings people together.

1 Super Hero (Fund the Year) - $50,000

Your company will be known as super heroes for bringing

the city together and making positive change in the world.

Receive a 2 - 3 minute brand story video on how your company is

helping spread empathy.

Your logo will be on EVERYTHING!

This will keep the lights on for Empathy Week.

Plus Everything Below.


3 Heroes (Fund the Community) - $30,000

A one hour Empathy Workshop for your company + trauma informed guide for re-framing

and empowerment intention cards.


Your company logo will be on all Empathy Week materials.

This will fuel everyone involved during the week.



6 Champions (Fund Outreach) - $10,000

Receive photos that show your impact from the event.

Receive an empathy ambassador toolkit.


This will provide honorariums for local contributors plus more!




Advocates (Fund an Event) - $500 -$2500

This will host an event during the week, and get the conversation started.

Unlimited entries to our networking events.



Cheerleaders (caffeinate the team)- Donate any amount you can!

Let’s Work Together

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