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Get Inspired!

Empathy Week 2023 was a huge success!  Here is a look at some of our fantastic events.

2023 Events

We would first like to thank the Calgary Foundation for sponsoring these 

events!  We can't thank you enough.

Indigenous Elder Fireside Chat & Food

It was an unforgettable evening at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, as we welcomed a respected Indigenous Elder for a fireside chat, delicious food, and an exclusive opportunity to try IndigiTRAILS new location launch.

This was an opportunity to broaden horizons, support Indigenous culture, and have a great time in a beautiful and welcoming environment.

Gay History Walk with Kevin

Downtown Gay History Walk: a tour with Kevin Allen that explored the city’s LGBTQ2 past through the city core. This one-hour tour inspired a deeper understanding of the community’s struggles and activism in Calgary and highlighted significant political and social events that affected the gay community. 

Step in another’s shoes in East Village

This was a unique community video project that inspired empathy and connection. We had a private video booth where you people wrote from one of the prompts on the table such as, "Describe a time in your life you felt scared?", "Describe a personal secret you are holding onto and want to release?", "What is something you are proud of doing or accomplishing?", "What is something you overcame?". They then dropped it in a box and then took someone else's to read to the camera.

These readings allowed our participants to step into someone else's experience and strengthen our empathy as a community. 

Storytelling with Gayathri Shukla

One of the most special things but also challenging things about being human, is that we are all so different. Differences can lead to tension and conflict, but when we empathize with each other, we can look past differences and even see the beauty in differences. Storytelling is a powerful tool to create more empathy. This book reading was a chance to experience the world through the eyes of an immigrant woman, and explore how we can harness storytelling as a tool to build bridges across differences.

Conversation Cafe with Calgary on Purpose

Calgary on Purpose lead a conversation cafe, where participants witnessed a deep conversation between strangers, and then participate in their own. Andrew guided participants with empathetic questions and practice tools for empathetic listening to encourage conversation.


Calgary on Purpose believes that people have more in common than they realize. By creating opportunities for sharing and listening, they aim to foster a sense of unity and understanding within the Calgary community. 


2022 and Older

We want to continue to recognize the hard work that Humainologie provided before unLikely Friends took over Empathy Week.  They paved the way, and we are so honoured that they trusted us with this important event for the City of Calgary.

Photographs of previous Empathy Week events taken by Jesse Tamayo @jesse.Tamayo

The Unity Project

An interactive public art project consisting of 32 posts, each with identifiers such as, “I am a parent; I speak English as a second language; I identify as LGBTQ,” etc. Participants wind colourful yarn around posts that reflect their identities. Their yarn intertwines with others’ to create a web of interconnectedness.


Ribbon Tree

An art piece inspired by an Indigenous tradition of processing loss. With the leadership of the Indigenous facilitator and garden coordinator, participants co-create a ribbon tree, where different statements intentionally created to support people in reflecting upon their lived experiences correspond with ribbon colours. Venue is wheelchair accessible.


Blanket Exercise

The blanket exercise is a unique hands-on history lesson developed in collaboration with Indigenous Elders, knowldege keepers and educators that fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. This workshop will be led by Tapisa Kilabuk, Manager, Indigenous Relations from Inn from the Cold, and Sidney Gill, S.T.E.A.M. A bannock reception and talking circle will follow. Register on Eventbrite. Venue is wheelchair accessible.

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